Powder and tool steel

Constant progress in metalurgy and manufacturing processes allow obtaining steel grades with properties much superior than before. Wide variety of steels contains hundreds of grades for specific applications. Among these important role is played by special steel grades for manufacturing tools.

Modern tool, high speed and powder steels offer high wear resistance, hardness over 60 HRC and high roughness even in elevated temperatures and hard work conditions. These steels can substitute tungsten carbide tools, where they cannot be used. Modern manufacturing methods in efficient and precise CNC lathes allow reaching tight tolerances, excellent surface roughness and complex shapes.


Tools made from tool and powder steels can be used in following applications:

  • trimmind punches and dies
  • forming dies and punches,
  • forming and guide rollers,
  • blades and bushes for wire and cables,
  • extrusion tips and dies for cable production.